The Cross-Dialect Smalltalk Code Interchange Tool

Quick Start

Getting up to speed quick


So, you want to start using Rosetta right away? OK, here's a way to do it if you're running Windows.

First download all the following:


Export and Convert

Install the exporter into your image, and execute the following code:
PackageFacade dtdUrl: 'file:///c:/Rosetta/DTD/Rosetta.dtd'. 

This way, you have a local copy of the DTD, and the transformation runs quicker.

If you want, and you have SUnit installed (you *do* have SUnit, don't you?), run the test cases.

Do a trial export to an in-memory stream, using something like the following code (corrected for your dialect):

| pkg stream |
pkg := PackageManager current packageNamed: 'RosettaPreLoadTests'.
stream := WriteStream on: '' copy.
[pkg facade writeRosettaXmlOn: stream] ensure: [stream close].
stream contents inspect

Export your code. Use the code snippet above as a start, and write to a FileStream. Some exporters already have menu items for Rosetta export.

Now, from the command line, you can use any of the batch files to transform an XML file into another dialect. Just call e.g.

ros2VW MyXMLFile // note - no .XML extension!